Saturday, May 17, 2014

it's almost 2am...

haha. c, i feel like this screams your name... i didn't end up getting for you because i noticed it after i had send you package out. sadly (?), i never knew who 'new kids on the block' were. but i know you had a pillow from them... so not much has been up over here. same 'ol same 'ol like i always state. we went to go see 'the amazing spiderman 2' on tuesday. adults pay kid prices if we took someone under 18. well turns out the lady didn't believe g was only 16. her reply was "really, can i see id" woooow! we get mixed thoughts from everyone. some think he's on his 20s. that poor kid is going to age fast. movie was good though. he watched 'godzilla' yesterday. i haven't even heard of this movie... i also started 'insanity- the asylum" and holy crap it's tough. but one week down, 3ish more to go! any who, any goodness happening over in hot ass california? 

ps- happy birthday mom!


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